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In order to be acquainted with the legal framework applicable to the use made by Unión de Créditos Inmobiliarios, S.A. Establecimiento Financiero de Crédito – Sucursal em Portugal (UCI) of your personal data, provided by you to us when browsing our website, you should carefully read this privacy policy, in which you provide information namely on the legal basis allowing us to treat your personal information, as well as your rights in that matter.

When mentioning your personal details, we refer to any information on the user, including name and surname, address, email address, whether you are of age or if you are interested in any of our products. At UCI we value your trust very much and we attach great importance to your privacy and protection thereof, and therefore we will treat the personal information you provide us, strictly complying with all legal requirements applicable to us.

All general legal information on the use of your personal data, including who may access the same, whether if we're going to save or use it for other purposes, which are your legal rights to protect your privacy and how you may exercise them, may be found in this privacy policy. However, should the user enter into any contract with UCI, we will include thereto all specific legal information on privacy applicable to the product or service hired.

On the other hand, you should know that we use cookies. Cookies are small files with information about your navigation on our website, whose main purpose is to facilitate navigation. To get all the detailed information about the use of these cookies and the data we had collected while browsing on our website, you can visit our Cookie Policy. Here you can find the information that we collect about you, what we use and what the user may do on that regard.

If we proceed to any changes in the Privacy Policy which may in any way affect the user, as for instance, if it is intended to process your data for purposes other than those envisaged, we will notify the user before starting any activity. Nevertheless, it is possible that the information contained in this Privacy Policy may be changed at some point, and therefore, so that you are always informed about the processing we make on your data, we recommend that you visit this page regularly.

Who is your data Controller?

The entity responsible for the processing your personal data is the «Unión de Créditos Inmobiliarios S.A., Establecimiento Financiero de Crédito – Sucursal em Portugal» (hereinafter, «UCI»), domiciled at Av. Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, Torre 1, 14º Piso, 1070-101 Lisboa.

Email address:

With which purpose and legal basis, we use your data?

UCI assumes that all personal data provided to us by the user are correct and accurate, and that, if necessary, such user undertakes to notify us on any changes. If, at some point, we are provided personal data of third parties, the user shall be responsible for informing them and obtain its consent before providing us such data and must ensure that these are processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

UCI will treat your data with the purpose to offer you a more personalized service, in particular to be able to answer and deal with any question or request submitted to us through our email addresses or any of our phone numbers. Thus, we may handle your data with the purpose of providing the user all the information asked to us, on our services and about the services provided by third parties with whom UCI has trade relations.

Similarly, we will process your personal information in response to suggestions and complaints that may be submitted to Customer Service (+ or to the Quality Department UCI ( through their email addresses or by post.

In the light of the purposes of processing to provide in each case to your personal data, the legal basis that will enable us to process them will be different. At any time, we will inform the user (1) when the information requested to you is indispensable in order for UCI to enter the agreement, (2) when and why we ask you the information we are legally required to ask you and (3) when and why we need your consent to use your data.

(a) Legitimate interest:

We will treat your personal data to provide our help whenever you request us information on our products or services, and to respond to suggestions and complaints sent to us through our phone numbers or emails.

In cases where you provide you a simulation tool through our website, we will ask you only for the information necessary to contact the user in order to provide the information requested.

In these cases, we consider that UCI has a legitimate interest to use the information provided. We assume that the interest we have in the use of your data shall not affect your privacy. If this is not your opinion, please do not hesitate to tell us.

(b) compliance with the contractual relationship:

If so requested, we will also be able to process your data in order to allow the user to hire any of our products or services, as well as for the development, compliance, implementation and management of all those already agreed with UCI.

Similarly, we will treat the personal information you provide us to manage your registration as a client on our website. This will be necessary so that we may identify you as a user and allow you to access the different options at your disposal as a registered user. However, the specific conditions governing your relationship with UCI will be presented in advance, including those relating to privacy.

In these cases, we need to process your personal data to formalize, manage and enforce the agreement you wish to execute with us, as well as to provide you the services you requested.

(c) compliance with a legal obligation:

There may also be situations in which, to comply with the legal requirements applicable to us, we may have to use your personal data. In these cases, and to the extent possible, we will inform you on such use and about the applicable legal basis. This is a condition of particular importance in view of our quality as a financial entity, subject to special controls and supervisory procedures by different entities and public authorities (for example, the Bank of Portugal).

(d) Consent:

To process your data on issues that are not necessary for compliance with the agreement executed with the user, which do not result from legal obligations or in which we do not have a legitimate interest, it will be necessary to obtain your prior consent. Upon these situations, we will inform the user on the purpose and the method of use of your data.

Will we share your personal information with third parties?

The UCI is the entity responsible for the collection, use, storage and disposal, if applicable, of your data. For that reason, generally speaking, your data will be used by UCI, and we will not make it available to third parties. We will only do so upon legal obligation, upon express authorisation by the user or upon legitimate interest, both of the user and UCI. Outside these situations, we will not communicate the information provided by the user to third parties.

However, please be advised that in situations where other companies within the UCI group are directly involved in providing or managing the request you may submitted to us, we will communicate your data to these companies where this proves to be indispensable.

Similarly, UCI maintains a business relationship with support service providers that occasionally will need to have access to your personal data. We refer, for example, to IT companies that provide technology or IT services or security companies. When you provide us your personal information, you authorise us to treat and share your information with these suppliers.

In this sense, we wish to make it clear that in the agreements with these suppliers we will set out, inter alia, the obligation to implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to process the data to which they access for the fulfilment of our orders and instructions and to eliminate them or return them as soon as their services are over.

How long will we keep your data?

UCI will keep the information provided to us during the time strictly necessary to manage and respond to requests made to us. When your data is no longer necessary in respect of the purposes for which they were provided to us, they will only be kept for the purposes of declaration, exercise or defence of a right in judicial proceedings, if necessary. These data will be stored, but properly blocked and will be used only for this purpose.

By virtue of a legal obligation (for example, with regard to the prevention of money laundering) it may be necessary to retain your data for a longer period, if the user has hired some of our financial products or services. In each case, the user will be informed on how long his/her personal data will be stored and used.

For processing based on your consent, we will retain your information during the time for which such consent is maintained, and until its revocation.

What are your rights when providing us your data?

The user has the right to obtain confirmation as to whether UCI is handling personal data relating to him/her and, if so to access his/her personal data and to request the rectification of incorrect data or, if applicable, request its elimination whenever, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary regarding the purposes for which it was collected.

In certain circumstances, the user may request a limitation on the processing of his/her data and, if he/she has authorized the creation of profiles and this has been carried out in full by an automated procedure, he/she may request a non-automated processing, express his/her point of view and challenge the decisions on the basis of the mentioned profiles.

In certain circumstances and for reasons related to your particular situation, you may oppose the processing of your data, as well as request the portability thereof, for its remittance to the entity designated by you in a structured format.

These rights may be exercised through email ( or by post to the address Av. Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco, Torre 1, 14º Piso, 1070-101 Lisbon.

The holder may at any time withdraw the consent given for the processing by sending an e-mail addressed to The person concerned may file a complaint with the UCI and/or before the National Commission on Data Protection, especially when he/she has failed to exercise in a satisfactory manner his/her rights, by written communication sent to or via the website

Who is in charge of the UCI Data Protection?

AT UCI, we have appointed a Data Protection Officer, to protect your privacy, as well as to ensure that we comply with all national and European legal requirements on data protection. This Data Protection Officer will be responsible for providing the user all the information he/she needs about its personal data. Should you wish to contact him, you may do so via the following email address:

Processing of Personal Data

If you wish to know more about the legal aspects, and in particular, about how we protect your privacy, click here: Further information on Data Protection